Thursday, April 21, 2011

S'mores Brownies

Since I can't eat/try anything I have been baking for the last few weeks, I figured that I should pretty much keep to the basics as much as I can. So, for my boss and coworker's birthday I went with a fairly simple S'mores brownie recipe I found online. I basically just made a standard box mix in a 13x9 inch pan as directed. When the brownies were done I piled on marshmallows and graham crackers. I broiled the dessert for a minute or two (until the marshmallows browned) then took them out and placed chopped up pieces of chocolate on top. Simple, but complicated enough to say I care haha. From what I heard at work they were a pretty big hit! I will definately need to make these again once so I can try them as well!

Here is the basic recipe I followed:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And I'm back in the game....

Ok, I'm going to try this blog thing again. Although I will never be at K's blog status, I am at least going to try and post now and again and especially when I bake something...well at least I think for now.

So let's just pretend it hasn't been oh a year since my last post :) Anyways, if you know me at all you know that I clearly love sweets/desserts/things filled with sugar/brown sugar from the bag (you get my point)! I could literally eat desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and would just deal with the upset stomach (It's totally worth it). So for Lent I decided to give up sweets/desserts (all of it...yikes!) AND peanut butter (my other huge weakness) to prove to myself and my handsome hubby that I am capable of having some self control. I have made it 42 days so far, and I only have 5 days left! This has been painful as desserts are pretty much like a drug to me (but seriously...hee hee!). As you can imagine I am SO looking forward to eating something amazing at midnight on Saturday (Insert husband's Easter basket of surprises)!
The whole lent time has not been easy. We had a "free dessert day" in the lobby at work, multiple people's birthdays (cakes included), a cupcake truck conveniently stopping next to my work on a weekly basis, Employee Appreciation Day, my husband eating various gallons of ice cream on the couch, baking for a LL baseball team, and I even went back home and had to watch as my family ate every sweet I grew up loving. One last hurdle (hoping only 1) I will have to conquer this week is baking for my boss and co worker's birthday on Thursday. I'm currently planning on S'mores brownies (I mean I bought a new broiler pan and all)....what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right? hahah I mean it is just dessert and I am just a little sugar deprived right?

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pizza Antico

After a good day at work :o) I got to meet up with some friends and go to the best pizza place in Atlanta: Pizza Antico!!!! I've been here many many times before, but I tried a new pie tonight. I split the Capricciosa which consists of: mushrooms, artichokes, prosciutto cotto, and bufala. This was the 4th pizza I've tried from Antico (all being very good). This was def one of my favorites, top 2 I would say. Definitely another delicious dinner w/ the nice BYOB option :o)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cake Hag

So today during lunch I had to go pay a bill downtown, after reading in Urban Daddy about the new bakery: Cake Hag opening I decided it was well worth the extra 10 minute walk since I was already in the area. Cake Hag specializes in booze infused! The lady working there was very nice and allowed me to get two very generous "half" slices for the price of one. There were only two cakes that were available for the day by the slice (the 2 others were still cooling). One of the cakes being the Carolina Carrot which was filled with caramelized pineapple, (non alcoholic) and the other being Jameson's Banana (which had some sort of Irish liquor in it). The carrot cake had a very light almost meringue-like type frosting. If you aren't a huge fan of the heavy cream cheese frosting (which I am) this would be the perfect substitute. The pineapples were also a nice unique touch! The Jameson's Banana had a thick custardy consistency on top of a sponge cake. I can't say that it was my favorite cake, but if you are a lover of banana pudding I would def recommend it! The Cake Hag just opened a few weeks ago, and while it's def not my fav place in town, it is a nice, unique place that is in a downtown location where there aren't many options available.

First Day on the Job

I decided to create a blog, so I could share my baking and eating adventures!!! I will try to post as often as I can...but I'm sorry K I will never be as good as keeping up with my blog as you are!!!