Thursday, April 21, 2011

S'mores Brownies

Since I can't eat/try anything I have been baking for the last few weeks, I figured that I should pretty much keep to the basics as much as I can. So, for my boss and coworker's birthday I went with a fairly simple S'mores brownie recipe I found online. I basically just made a standard box mix in a 13x9 inch pan as directed. When the brownies were done I piled on marshmallows and graham crackers. I broiled the dessert for a minute or two (until the marshmallows browned) then took them out and placed chopped up pieces of chocolate on top. Simple, but complicated enough to say I care haha. From what I heard at work they were a pretty big hit! I will definately need to make these again once so I can try them as well!

Here is the basic recipe I followed:

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  1. OH yummmmmmm.. I can't believe you made these w/o eating them, I totally would've caved!